Semiion Smart Lock

The lock of next generation
Go keyless

Never worry about carrying the keys every time you go out or loosing them anywhere. Handle it all through your phone.

Unlock from anywhere

Open your door using your smartphone from wherever you are. If your folks arrive while you're not around, let them in.

Multiple user authority

Let your trusted one’s have the temporary or permanent authority to unlock via their smartphone. Don’t carry the baggage of running home to unlock it for someone. The onus is not on you.

Accessory for your home

Semiion Smart Lock has an elegant design that blends well with a beautiful home.

Highly secure

Semiion Smart Locks are highly secure. Our servers are hosted on Google & Amazon clouds which use 128 bit encryption level with defence level security.

Restrict control

In case of phone theft, use your master key to restrict unlocking.

Free Mobile App

For Android & iPhone

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Rs 9,990
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Rs 12,499
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The kit includes Smart Lock, Smart Controller and 4 keys for manual operation in case of emergency or to restrict control. Also included is a free Android/iPhone app downloadable from Google playstore/Apple appstore.
We provide free installation across NCR. Our customer care team will call you up once you purchase the lock and will perform the installation for you free of cost.
To setup device for the first time, install Semiion App from Google Playstore or Apple Appstore. Once installed follow the on screen instructions to connect your mobile to the Smart Lock.
To open the lock with you app simply launch the app and click on unlock icon inside the app, your lock will open almost immediately within a couple of seconds.
Open your app and tap on your lock name to view its details. On the next screen you will see a list of name & phone number of the user who opened the lock at what time.
Open your app and tap on your lock name to view its details. On the next screen click on "Add Users" button and enter the phone number, name & type of the user you want to provide access to. You can choose to provide Admin access (full access), Permanent access (who can not add more users but key is permanent until revoked manually) or Temporary access (can not add more users and key is valid only within a limited time frame).
Please remember for temporary users you will have to select a date till which the key is valid. Also, during the time you are adding any user key, internet connectivity is required between your mobile and Smart Lock device.
Open your app and tap on your lock name to view its details. On the next screen inside the list of users click on delete icon (X) to remove that user's access to your lock. Please remember you need to have Admin access to perform this action.
You can add upto 14 total users on one Smart Lock. This includes Admin, Permanent & Temporary users.
Please note: The difference between an Admin & Permanent user is that an Admin can add or remove users but a Permanent user can not, however both of them have a timeless key which does not expire. Temporary users have a time limited key.
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