Semiion SmartEye Theft Alarm

Don't wait for it to happen!!
Proactive Theft Detection

SmartEye detects theft as soon as someone tries to break into your office/premises.

Instantaneous Mobile Alert

Get instantaneous alert call on your mobile without WiFi no matter where in the world you are.

Works Even in Dark

Day or Night, even in a pitch black room SmartEye's high tech sensor technology will detect the theft.

Configurable Alerts

Once configured, the alarm will turn On/Off automatically at specific time daily.

Know What's happening

The alert call lets you remotely hear what's going on where the device is kept.

Rechargeable Battery

No issues even if the thief shuts power supply before breaking in, SmartEye works without power for many days on a single recharge.

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How it works

Place this tiny device at any entrance/restricted area of your office, for example near any locker/safe.

You can keep it connected to power or recharge occasionally & place it wherever you need. No WiFi/Internet is needed.

To configure device just download our free iPhone/Android mobile app and follow the instructions.

Thats it, you're done! Enjoy state of the art security.

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Why go for it?

Being Smart isn't a crime...


Nothing compared to the value it provides

SmartEye Anti-Theft Alarm

Rs 2,499
  • Price after 40% discount
  • Lifetime free subscription
  • 6 month warranty


Words from our users

This is wonderful. Making me feel secure about my clinic entry to me, my doctors team and staff. Hassles keyless entry. Now I don't get calls from my staff that lost my key.. What to do.....!

Dr Anshul Varshney
Proud User

I used their products while a function was going on in my home...not only it made me feel alot more secure but their products were very user friendly to begin with.

Vikas Garg
Proud User

Amazing Product Saved lot of efforts of opening the door manually.

Praveen Singhal
Proud User

Free Mobile App

For Android & iPhone

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The kit includes SmartEye Theft Alarm unit and four AA premium batteries. Also included is a free Android/iPhone app downloadable from Google playstore/Apple appstore.
After unboxing SmartEye, follow below steps to setup Semiion SmartEye:
Step 1: Download and install Android/iPhone Semiion App from Playstore/Appstore and register with your mobile number.
Step 2: Put batteries into SmartEye unit by opening the flap at the back side of the unit.
Step 3: Set the control button to "On" if its not already set and follow instructions provided on the app to add a new device.
Step 4: Once device is successfully configured you will receive a notification for the same.
Step 5: Set the control button back to "Auto". It's IMPORTANT to follow this step else the device will drain out the battery.

That’s it, you’re done! SmartEye device will alert you of an ongoing theft as soon as it detects one.
SmartEye's view may be blocked by some items kept inside your locker, make sure there are no static objects placed in front of the device and any movement of opening the locker is easily captured by SmartEye.

For best results, place the device at the back of your locker door either using built in magnets or by using double tape etc.
Open your app and tap on the device name to view its details. On the next screen click on "Add Users" button and enter the phone number, name & type of the user you want to provide access to.

You can choose to provide Admin access (full access), Permanent access (who can not add more users but will receive device alerts until revoked manually) or Temporary access (can not add more users and they will receive device alerts only for a limited time frame).

Please remember for temporary users you will have to select a date till which they will remain valid. Also, during the time you are adding any user internet connectivity is required between your mobile and SmartEye device.
Open your app and tap on the device name to view its details. On the next screen inside the list of users click on delete icon (X) to remove that user's access to your device alerts. Please remember you need to have Admin access to perform this action.
You can add upto 6 total users to one SmartEye device. This includes Admin, Permanent & Temporary users.
Please note: The difference between an Admin & Permanent user is that an Admin can add or remove users but a Permanent user can not, however both of them have a timeless access which does not expire. Temporary users have a time limited access.
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